How to join one of the top five universities in the world ?

How to join one of the top five universities in the world ?

where is MIT ?

Harvard welcomes 21% of foreign students but does not dedicate them quota. Foreigners must follow the same admission procedure and meet the same criteria. To enter the first cycle (Harvard College), candidates must therefore pass the results they have obtained to the standardized tests passed beforehand (the SAT (Scholastic assessment test) or the ACT), letters of recommendation of teachers and their statements of notes. The TOEFL language test is not mandatory. The university often wants to interview the candidate and has interviewers abroad, including Morocco. But, anyway, if the interview is not possible for practical reasons (few interviewers in Morocco), it does not automatically mean that the person is eliminated. The application fee is $ 75 and must be paid online. The procedure is long, so interested parties must worry about it a year in advance. Applications for the second cycle (Harvard Schools) differ by stream.

Stanford hosts 23% of foreign students, most of them at the graduate level. Foreign applicants follow the same steps as Americans to be admitted. The SAT and the ACT are required (but if the candidate can not pass it, he can request a waiver in writing), a letter of recommendation and a transcript. Documents from the school or school must be sent directly to Stanford without passing through the candidate. The university does not impose a minimum grade average. The TOEFL is not compulsory but strongly recommended to prove the student's very good level of English. The application fee is $ 90.
If the candidate enjoys an artistic talent (music, dance, theater ...), he can prove it in his application file with a portfolio. This is an optional piece, studied at the discretion of the jury.

The public university hosts 9% of foreigners. Those if must follow the classic selection, to which is added other criteria. For the language for example, the candidate must have obtained at least 6.5 at the IELTS or 80 at the TOEFL.

The prestigious British university has more than 30% foreign students (and more than 60% in the second cycle). To integrate the institution in the second cycle, you must have obtained your previous higher degree with at least 16 out of 20 and have a very good score in one of the recognized English tests. During the application (which starts in October of the year preceding the return), the interested party must choose among about thirty faculties. An interview is required. To enter Cambridge just after the baccalaureate, the future student must complete his UCAS registration (equivalent of French post-baccalaureate admission) in addition to passing various tests.

MIT University:
27% of MIT students are foreigners (and more than 50% in some graduate programs). The conditions for admission differ from one stream to another. For example, the minimum TOEFL and IELTS scores vary (some do not recognize the TOEFL). CVs, cover letters and recommendations may be required. But in general, foreign students follow the same procedure as Americans. Only language skills in English are to be proven in addition.
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