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Study in Oxford, England

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Located in the south-east of England, and 80km from London, Oxford is a city renowned for the beauty of its architecture, but also for its universities. One of them is also the oldest in the Anglo-Saxon world. Medium in size, Oxford is a relatively dynamic city because of the high number of students among the population. Indeed, Oxford has the highest rate of all England and Wales.

It is also very attractive because of the multitude of activities available to locals and tourists: museums, boat trips, movie locations (including Harry Potter), cultural activities (theater, cinema, concerts, ...) discotheques, pubs, ... It is also an ideal starting point to visit the rest of England.

Useful information about the city of Oxford :

Useful information to find your way to a foreign student.
  • Population: approximately 153,900 inhabitants
  • Share of students: 27% of the population
  • Number of students: about 42,000 students
  • Number of universities: 2 different universities
  • Potential for activities and outings for students: High

Two universities coexist in Oxford, among the most famous and prestigious in the United Kingdom. They have the distinction of not representing a central campus but to be divided into several 'colleges' scattered throughout the city center.

How to get to Oxford: 

The plane: There is currently no airport in Oxford because of its proximity to London. You will have to count on a first trip to London, and then continue the rest of the journey by train or bus.

The train: Located about 1km from the center of Oxford, the train station provides regular connections to major cities in the United Kingdom (only 1 hour from London Paddington Station). Prices are often attractive if tickets are booked several weeks in advance.

The bus: 2 bus companies operate mainly in Oxford: Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach Oxfordshire. These companies will allow you to travel within the city, but also provide links with the major cities of the country (London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, ...) and the cities of Oxfordshire. These companies even offer direct connections to Gatwick and Heathrow airports 24/7.

Universities to study in Oxford :

The city of Oxford has a total of 2 different universities.

Oxford University :
Ranked 10th in the Times' list of world universities, it is the oldest English university (its foundation dates back to the 12th century) and the most prestigious in the UK with its eternal Cambridge rival. To get an idea, they alone form almost all of the intellectual and political elite of the country for centuries.There is no central campus, but 39 'colleges' (mini-universities) distributed in the whole city, and especially in the center.
The different fields of education of the university are the medical, social, human sciences, and mathematics / physics / svt.Today, it has a little more than 18 000 students, of which a third are foreign students from 138 different countries. However, the university remains very selective in terms of applications, especially as regards the level of English (indeed, you will need to provide evidence of a sufficient level) but also the quality of the file, and few French universities have partnerships with Oxford.

Oxford Brookes University :
Ranked in 2008 at the 49th place in the ranking of English universities, and named eight times in a row "Best New University" ("Best New University") by the Times, she became Ecole Polytechnique then, State University in 1992. She It has about 18,000 students and has 3 main campuses spread around the city. Among its major teaching fields, the university counts history, modern languages, computer science and economics.
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