The best French universities: Ranking of 2018 (Bteween Rank 1 and 5)

The best French universities: Ranking of 2018 

(Bteween Rank 1 and 5)

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Which are the first French establishments of the classification?

1.University Sorbonne University:
Which are the first French establishments of the classification? The University Sorbonne University wins the palm of the Hexagon and is ranked 36th in the ranking of Shanghai. The new establishment was born on January 1, 2018 from the merger of the Pierre and Marie Curie University - Paris 6 (born in 1109) and the Paris-Sorbonne University (founded in 1971) and teaches letters, medicine and sciences to its members. now more than 50,000 students. It has more than 130 research structures. The Pierre and Marie Curie University brings its scientific expertise, distinguished notably in mathematics, biology, engineering and computer science.
  • Score of 100: 36.1
  • Number of students: 55,300
  • Country: France
  • Position in 2018: 36.

2. South Paris:
The University Paris Sud - Paris 11 occupies the 42nd place of the Jiao Tong university of Shanghai in 2018, the same position as in 2017. Paris South, whose formations range from sports, to law through medicine, management or engineering, stands out in several areas. According to the survey, it is one of the best universities in France for mathematics studies. More than 2,400 research professors and researchers work in the 110 research units of this university.
  • Score of 100: 35.1
  • Number of students: 32,000
  • Country: France
  • Position in 2017: 42nd

3. Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris :
The Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, which is not a university proper, interrupts its fall since it passes in one year from 69th to 64th place in Shanghai, while it had lost 20 places in both previous years. This center of higher education is thus the third best in France. With competition selection, 14 training departments, personalized tutoring and international openness, ENS is both a major school and a research institution. It offers 60 masters, 15 languages, some of which are rarely taught and 40 research departments.
  • Rating out of 100: 29,3
  • Number of students: 2,400
  • Country: France
  • Position in 2018: 64th
  • Position in 2017: 69th

4. Aix-Marseille University:
From 101st place, the notes are too close to assign specific ranks.
Aix-Marseille University is ranked between the 101st and 150th place in the list of the best universities in the world. This university is thus tied with the University of Strasbourg and the University Paris Diderot. Aix-Marseille University offers different courses, particularly in the health, science and social sciences and techniques: medicine, sports or journalism are some of the disciplines taught. On the research side, it has 130 research units that excel in various fields such as neuroscience, oncology and immunology. A total of 8,000 teacher-researchers and staff are spread over five large campuses.
  • Number of students: 75,000
  • Country: France
  • Position in 2017: 101-150

5.University of Strasbourg:
The University of Strasbourg ranked in the Top 100 of the 2013 ranking (97th place) in 2016. This year, it does not appear again in the Top 100. This multidisciplinary university is the result of the merger of three institutions. It currently has the largest number of students in France as well as staff. Several researchers who attended the benches of Strasbourg faculties were distinguished in physics, medicine or chemistry, including Jean-Marie Lehn who won the Nobel Prize in 1987 and Jules Hoffman, the Nobel of Medicine in 2011.
  • Number of students: 50,800
  • Country: France
  • Position in 2017: 101-150
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