The ranking of the best universities in the world in 2018 (Between Rank 6 and 10)

The ranking of the best universities in the world in 2018 

(Between Rank 6 and 10)

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This is the 2018 ranking of the elite universities, conducted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (between Rank 6 and 10).
Another renowned university: Princeton. It is the 6th best university in the world according to the Shanghai University survey, in the same position as last year. This New Jersey university, founded in 1746, is one of the great American universities. It has 34 departments, from anthropology to chemistry or sociology. Several research centers such as its Institute of Neuroscience, African-American Studies Center and Center for the Arts are among the most productive in terms of publications. Princeton, a member of the Ivy League, a track and field competition between eight US universities, also stands out in the field of sports.
  • Rating out of 100: 61
  • Number of students: 8,000
  • Country: United States
  • Position in 2017: 6th

The University of Oxford is again in 2018 the seventh best university in the world. A Cambridge competitor, Oxford, the oldest English-language university, founded around 1096, offers a wide range of teachings. The majority of his students are enrolled in the humanities and social sciences, then in medicine, math, physics and life sciences. It stands out for its low drop-out rate during the year: just over 1% compared to a national average of more than 8%. Tutoring, the quality of courses and faculty and ease of entry into the job market contribute to its reputation. More than a third of the students are foreign, coming from 140 countries around the world.
  • Rating out of 100: 60
  • Number of students: 23,200
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Position in 2017: 7th

Columbia University is the 8th most prestigious university in the world in 2018 ... as in 2017! Located in New York on two campuses, one said historical and the second modern, it is internationally recognized as a major training center. His "schools" range from arts and architecture, medicine to marketing, journalism and law. Subsidized by the state and private companies, it enjoys a large budget of more than 2 billion euros. Each year, it welcomes in its walls more than 5,000 foreign students. And his reputation also benefits from the Obama effect since the current US president has followed his higher education.
  • Score of 100: 58.2
  • Number of students: 31,300
  • Country: United States
  • Position in 2017: 8th

9.The California Institute of Technology
With just over 2,000 students, this small American university ranks among the top ten in the world. The California Institute of Technology, or Caltech, is 9th in the charts. Located in Pasadena, California, it mainly teaches courses in biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. Like MIT, Caltech trains many students attracted by the proximity of Silicon Valley on one side and NASA's nearby research center Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A few years ago, one of its research teams published promising results of work on gene therapy in mice.
  • Score of 100: 57.4
  • Number of students: 2,100
  • Country: United States
  • Position in 2017: 9th

In the tenth place is the University of Chicago. Renowned for its law degree, it is also a popular teaching center for economics, sociology and biology. Research is one of his top priorities. The University of Chicago has several institutes and research centers that work on various topics such as cancer, the genome or new technologies. In September 2008, the federal government awarded a grant of nearly 20 million euros to the university for research projects deemed promising.
  • Score of 100: 55.5
  • Number of students: 15,000
  • Country: United States
  • Position in 2017: 10th.
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