Why study abroad in 5 points?

Why study abroad in 5 points?

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5 good reasons to leave :

REASON N ° 1 : The campus: a community
The campus is a cosmopolitan world of infinite richness. The experience of living on a campus makes the academic stay both incomparable and unforgettable.
Indeed, the living conditions on campuses are in any case not comparable to those encountered in universities, European in general and French in particular. These are real "cities". They are distinguished by an intensive activity and a powerful autonomy.
The campuses include course buildings, of course, but also libraries, gymnasiums, stadiums, theaters, cafes, auditoriums, restaurants, residences, etc.
Outside of class, many events are organized on North American campuses: conferences, seminars, festivals, concerts, parties, excursions, sporting events, etc.

REASON N ° 2 : Recognized diplomas for an undeniable professional asset
The diplomas of English-speaking universities such as Bachelor's or Master's Degree are not only recognized but also sought after all over the world.
To have followed a year of higher studies and thus to have studied in the USA, the United Kingdom or New Zealand opens many doors to the French students. This training is an important argument to win during an oral exam or during a job interview. It is this asset that will make THE difference.
Beyond, this study abroad stay allows to acquire an excellent level of English, of knowledge, but also of the insurance, a control of oneself and the foreigner incomparable.

REASON N ° 3 : An experienced young graduate
The world of the university is connected to the professional world in a rather remarkable way. Students are prepared to enter the world of business and the prospects for internships and hiring are concrete.
The experience is all the more emphasized that university pedagogy has both concrete and practical aspects with theoretical teaching put in perspective of theoretical teaching.
In addition, bridges exist between the university and the world of work with interactions at all levels: boards, interests, mutual supports, etc. These bridges allow students to prepare to enter the business (with opportunities for internships or even hiring).

REASON N ° 4: Personalized follow-up by an "Advisor"
A true guide, Advisor is a full-fledged member of the university that helps students navigate the rich, yet complex, world of university.
Each Advisor helps the student to organize his studies according to his skills, his needs, his objectives and his professional project.
Your Advisor supports the student in the choice of courses, activities, planning and organization, opening accounts, insurance, etc.
Close to the training course chosen, he has lived or is currently living the same experiences. He shares his mistakes and successes with one goal: to help the student make the best choices for his situation.
A foreign student is usually supported by two Advisors: one is responsible for students in general and the other for foreigners in particular.

REASON N ° 5: A life designed around studies
The campus is entirely dedicated to students. Everything is thought out for them and organized around them, in order to facilitate the study and to optimize the training. Generally located in an exceptional green setting, the campus is the ideal place to study and live an unforgettable experience.
Everyday life is taken into account in all its dimensions (studies, housing, catering, recreation, relaxation, artistic activities, clubs). The student, for example, does not lose money or time in transport! Sport holds a prominent place in everyday life, both in terms of activities in the curriculum and outside. He is an excellent integrating factor on campus, imbued with a strong team spirit.
Students are the first inhabitants of the campus, but they are also the first actors: the opportunities to work on site are real, including for foreign students: help with teachers, jobs in the restaurant industry, libraries, sports complexes etc. As part of the visa for Campus Access students, these jobs can not exceed 20 hours per week.
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